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lily coughs on mudela files

From: Daniel M. Griswold
Subject: lily coughs on mudela files
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 08:06:43 -0500

Hi all,

This may be a FAQ, but I could find nothing on it.

I have been using lilypond and denemo for some time now. Recently (and
presumably after an upgrade) lily has stopped working on files I had
previously worked on (some even recently). It seems that the problem
has to do with semicolons at the end of directives. Example:

--------begin example
% Mudela file generated by Denemo version 0.5.5


        title = "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty";
        subtitle = "";
        composer = "arr. Daniel Griswold";
        tagline="Typeset by GNU LilyPond";


---------end example
I get lots of ``parse error'' messages on this, and similar
files. Lilypond used to handle these files with no
complaints. Presumably that was with 1.3.132, but now I'm on 1.3.150.

When I remove the semicolons, things work okay. But notice from the
example that I'm using denemo for initial setup. I'm also using
timidity for playback within denemo. The rejection of the
formerly-accepted semicolon termination essentially breaks denemo for
me, because that's what denemo generates. (Unless there is a way to
have it do otherwise.)

So, I'm stumped. What am I missing? Does anyone have a suggestion?

Many thanks in advance.


Dan Griswold

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