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Copyright Notice

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Copyright Notice
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 17:15:25 -0400

Do you have the pamphlet "Standard Music Engraving Practice" from
the Music Publisher's Association of the United States and MENC
(c)1966?  ($0.50)

At least they have the dots right, unlike finale.  ;-)  It's
mostly pretty good.

In particular, they put their copyright notice on the reverse of
the front cover, since it is not music but a book about music
containing a very small amount of music.  Under "placement of
general matter" however, they indicate that the copyright notice
is centered at the bottom of the first page of the composition.

There has been considerable confusion over this on this forum.  I
don't understand how this came to be, given the ubiquity of sheet
music.  The copyright notice on music is not supposed to be placed
in the same place as the copyright notice in other publications. 
I do not expect to hear of anyone succeding in making a legal
issue of it, but I hope that lilypond will always continue to do
the right thing in the right way.

Thank you all for your efforts.  I am a pig for not thanking Mats
properly a while ago.  Thank you. Bless you, Christian, for taking
over the website.  Bless you all.

     DaveA (Debian User)=====================
       The journey of a thousand miles begins
                 with but a single KITA.

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