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noteedit-1.10.9 (redo,tenor clef)

From: Joerg Anders
Subject: noteedit-1.10.9 (redo,tenor clef)
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 11:07:50 +0200 (CEST)

Version 1.10.9 of "noteedit" available.


new features:
        tenor clef 
        The MusiXTeX output sould be better (more equally) spaced 
        Undo sould work better. 
        make install(Thanks to David Faure <address@hidden>) 
        make uninstall (Thanks to David Faure <address@hidden>) 

other features:

   * export LilyPond;
   * insertion/deletion/modification of notes, rests, dotted notes/rests,
     tied notes, slured notes, clefs with/without shift, time signatures,
     key signatures, volume signatures, tempo signatures, triplets, repeat
     groups with/without special ending and instrument changes on different
   * stem up/down
   * building chords;
   * building groups of beamed notes;
   * playing on /dev/sequencer (if correctly configured) whereby:
        o giving each staff a different voice;
        o giving each staff a different channel;
        o giving each staff a different reverbation and chorus;
        o highlighting the played notes;
        o muting staffs;
   * lyrics
   * export MusiXTeX;
   * export PMX;
   * export MIDI;
   * import MIDI;
   * read from MIDI keyboard;
   * Application of MIDI event filters to eliminate
     some dirty effects (especially on human played MIDI files);
   * record from MIDI keyboard;
   * saving an restoring the files. The fileformat is similarily to the
     format of the music publication program (MUP). So you if you are a MUP
     user you have the possibility to convert the files into MIDI and
     Postscript. But this is no longer necessary because noteedit can export
     MusiXTeX, PMX, MIDI and LilyPond.

J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (address@hidden)

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