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Re: Converting Lilypond to ETF, Sibelius or Finale

From: Henrik Behrens
Subject: Re: Converting Lilypond to ETF, Sibelius or Finale
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 15:09:03 +0200 (MEST)

> > Is there any possibility to convert Lilypond files to the Sibelius
> > or Finale formats?
> Why would you want to do that? 
> I give you little chance for getting support for proprietary
> software in LilyPond. 

Everyone I know who writes music with the computer 
uses proprietary software like Capella or Sibelius.

If I want to exchange music with them, I need to have
good import/export filters for lilypond 
or else drop lilypond and buy the commercial products.

I cannot convince them to use lilypond (yet), because
they will be scared by the cryptic .ly files.

Good free software should interact with commercial software,
as long as the majority of users use commercial software,
otherwise many people will not use it.
(Less users would use StarOffice if it couldn't
read and write MS Word files!)

> But you can always export MIDI, and work from
> that.

But then I lose most of the sheet music information.
MIDI is not an acceptable format for sheet music exchange.


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