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From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: lyx
Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 11:08:42 -0400

Take a look at lyx, if you haven't lately. If they would include
the improved float from address@hidden
there would be a complete ability to easily typeset a music book
with both two columns of text and single and/or two columns of eps
music. Would you mind too much if you did not have to mess with
\latex at all?

I have never understood why anyone would choose to print text on
lettersize paper using only one column, anyway. It has never made
any sense to me. Why is it still done? The failure to go to 2
columns means that latex is not smart enough to put text between
wide pictures in one column if the text would occupy less than 4
lines in two columns. They are so hot on typographical rules I am
surprised to find no mention of that one.

If I can       Should do it
fill two       this way but
colums 4       if I only
lines I        fill 3 then
a maximum of 3 lines should extend to
the width of the page in a 2 column
document. Totally automatically.

The lyx developers recommend the use of xfig for simple drawings.
If lilypond could produce an xfig file with each character and
line an image, it would be great. Unfortunately, xfig's maximum
depth is only 999, but that's probably enough to massage music one
line at a time. Perhaps the maintainers can be persuaded to
increase it to 9999. ;-) 
     DaveA (Debian User)=====================
       The journey of a thousand miles begins
                 with but a single KITA.

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