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Re: Bars

From: Juergen Reuter
Subject: Re: Bars
Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 18:08:11 +0200

Han-Wen wrote:
> > Though I did not investigate it in that detail, it seems the main
> > problem is that the existing code in depends on the
> > existence of a bar_engraver in the staff context.
> that's no problem, you can simply make the bars disappear by setting
> #'transparent to ##t in the BarLine grob.  (you also suggest  this
> yourself)

Thanks, this seems basically to work (I was not aware of the fact that
#'transparent on BarLine works).  However, there still seems to be
some initialization bug, because in my examples, the first span bar is
always placed too high, such as if the bar size of the first bar in the
uppermost staff is ignored.  I will investigate this further, but
probably I won't be able to do this before 1.4, since I will be
busy/travelling during the next two weeks.

> > By the way, I would like to propose renaming bar* and span_bar* into
> > staff_bar* and interstaff_bar*.
> Do you mean files or variable names?

In the first place, I was thinking of the file names, but to keep
consistent, variable names probably should also be renamed.


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