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Suggestions for Lilypond 1.4

From: Jérémie Lumbroso
Subject: Suggestions for Lilypond 1.4
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 20:30:16 +0200

If I could possibly ask, I'd be very much plea-
sed if the following features could make it to
Lilypond 1.4 :

  - Having complete control over the note orne-
    ments meaning that it can be specified whi-
    ch note(s) is/are to be pralled in a chord,
    to have total control unto where it should
    be put, and having some easy defaults  (un-
    der the note, over the note...)

  - Being able to specify a fingering for orne-

  - Making it  possible to specify  if an orne-
    ment should be "sharped" or "flated" or on-
    ly "naturalized".  I've been told it's pos-
    sible already, but sinc I haven't found an
    entry in the manual, I take it it's a hack.

  - Adding several ornementation symbols, espe-
    cially the pralls from the English baroque
    era (Purcell's keyboard work, al...).

  - Making it possible to use the "unison" sym-
    bol (it's when a note, or more, are the sa-
    me on two staffs, to prevent a harpsichord
    player when playing on two different keybo-
    ards to play it with both hand, specify wi-
    th a line connection both notes that it sh-
    ould only be played once. Here's a diagram:

             |         O

    The two Es are unison.)

  - Adding "tierces coulées" or some sort of ar-
    peggio, without mainting every notes of th-
    e chord down. The (bad) diagram:


  - Being able to specify for each rests, it's
    vertical position if Lilypond doesn't figu-
    re a good one out.

Thanks for having read through,
Jérémie Lumbroso

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