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From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Bars
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 14:09:13 +0200

address@hidden writes:
> If applied on a ChoirStaff, this does not show any effect.  On a
> StaffGroup, however, the barlines start slightly below the first staff
> (Is the y dimension of the StaffContext too big?  Or is there another
> implicit context between the StaffContext and the LyricsContext that
> I am not aware of?), and they stop even below the lowermost staff

The ref point of a  lyrics  line is on the base line of the
staff. The bar lines are centered around that point. 

> only be invisible *between* the staffs, i.e. on the first *three*
> LyricsContexts).  So, this does not help me very much.
> Then I got the idea to try
> \property Voice.Bar \override #'transparent = ##t
> within each StaffContext, but this also does not show any effect.

The Grob is called BarLine. I have trouble envisioning what you want
exactly.  Can you demonstrate it with an example? I have this, is that
roughly what you want?

\header {

texidoc = "You can move around Bar_engraver and
Span_bar_engraver if you want bar lines on lyrics."  }

\score {
\notes \relative c' \context StaffGroup = groupie <
 \context Staff = SA { c1 c1 c1}
 \context Lyrics \lyrics <
  { bla1 die bla }
  { foo bar foo }
  { foo bar foo }
 \context Staff = SB { c1 c1 c1}


\paper  {
\translator {
  \consists Bar_engraver
  % need procedure, since lyrics doesn't have a staff_sym engraver.
  BarLine \override #'bar-size-procedure = #(lambda (x) 3.0)

\translator {
  \consists "Span_bar_engraver"
  \remove "Span_bar_engraver"


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