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Jazz chord issue

From: Jeff Henrikson
Subject: Jazz chord issue
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 00:41:56 -0400

Am I correct in assuming that we should postpone discussions of the "right 
answer" to jazz chords until 1.4?  It seemed to me that
there were way to many new concepts necessary to be thrown in now.  The issues 
raised include:

1) changing to a more graphical representation of chord symbols does not allow 
for abstractification of stylistic preferences
(triangle 7 vs. maj7, minus vs small m, etc.)

2) a strictly graphical representation does not transpose.  (I addressed this 
hackishly by suggesting regular expression
substitution.  I take it back, as this totally defiles the concept that we can 
substitute the is/es sharp/flat convention with
other languages.)

One I have brought up in the past:

3) the text layout capabilities (especially collision avoidance) seemed 
nonexistent or very primitive last I checked.  Backing out
to TeX for symbol layout makes this automatically braindead, since the box 
cannot be sized beforehand without reproducing the
functionality of TeX, in which case you may as well lay out the symbol 
yourself.  I will check this behavior in the release of the
moment when I get to it and read enough of the source to understand why before 
I make suggestions.

Jeff Henrikson

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