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Re: Neat little trick to break up a full score into parts

From: Laurent Martelli
Subject: Re: Neat little trick to break up a full score into parts
Date: 13 Apr 2001 21:26:28 +0200
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>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Jones <address@hidden> writes:


  Tim> I tried doing this in the main file directly, but denemo
  Tim> absolutely would not read the file after I made the change.
  Tim> So, I experimented with another .ly file that includes the
  Tim> first .ly file, and then printed each of the voices separately.
  Tim> I also found it easy to make the full score in a small font,
  Tim> and to print the separated parts much larger.  Here's what I
  Tim> came up with:

  Tim> The first \include merely creates the full score as defined in
  Tim> the file in my last message.

  Tim> The second \include loads the larger music fonts, and the four
  Tim> \score areas print off the parts I want.  \SopranoStaff,
  Tim> \AltoStaff, \BaritoneStaff and \BassStaff are defined in
  Tim>, so I achieve my goal of no duplication, and because
  Tim> I didn't introduce any of this stuff into, I can
  Tim> still edit it with denemo.

  Tim> Then of course, I had to make a shell script to automate all
  Tim> this (taking it all the way to PS, which I then dump to my old
  Tim> HP Deskjet).

  Tim> Comments?  Pitfalls?  Improvements?  (Kudos?  Hey, it might
  Tim> happen!)

I do not use denemo, but here's how I do this kind of stuff :

I have one file per voice or instrument that each defines it's own
staff (your \AltoStaff, \BaritoneStaff  ...).

And for each output that I want, I include the necessary files, and
define the need \score {}. 

This way, if I only want the Baritone part, I do not have to process
or print other parts.

Laurent Martelli

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