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Re: ly2dvi

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: ly2dvi
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 07:17:24 -0400

> I put copyright stuff in the tagline and info about the piece that
> want on every page in the footer. Having them both on the last page is
> fine. Is this what we want.
The copyright notice is supposed to go on the title page or the *first*
page of music, if it is music and not something else being copyrighted.
The notice is required to have a full circle and not parentheses as (c).
It is usually centered at the bottom of the page, so it should be the
tagline or the footer or neither depending on whether it is on the first
page and whether it is centered.

Since we are not usually printing bound books, it is probably a good
idea to either put the copyright notice on each page or, better I think,
to print the title and "page n of nn" on all pages after the first, but
the notice on the first page is all that is required.
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