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crashing accidentals and crashing ghostscript

From: Tom Cato Amundsen
Subject: crashing accidentals and crashing ghostscript
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 19:40:18 +0200
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The accidental for the cis and ais are overlapping.

        \context Staff=i<
                \context Voice=i\notes\relative g'{ \stemUp gis8 cis }
                \context Voice=ii\notes\relative e'{ \stemDown eis8 ais }

And the bar numbers are colliding with the brace when I use

Except from this, the printed music is looking really good!!

Short question: does anyone else have problems with gpl'ed ghostscript
version 5.5? When I try to xdvi a file created by lilypond-book, I get
the error messages:
gs: Unknown device: x11
xdvik gs_io: Broken pipe
xdvik gs_io: Broken pipe
ghostscript died unexpectedly

Then all beams and all images that use the eps option are gone. TeX
notes are still there.

Version 5.0 is fine, but I have a patch for 5.5 to get 1200dpi on a
brother laser. (I run debian testing/unstable)
Tom Cato Amundsen <address@hidden>
GNU Solfege - free eartraining,

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