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Re: property LyricsVoice.stz

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: property LyricsVoice.stz
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 12:44:04 +0200

address@hidden writes:
> >>>>> "Han-Wen" == Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden> writes:
>     Han-Wen> Obligatory warning: we will be junking the $ syntax in a as yet
>     Han-Wen> undetermined moment in the near future. Use convert-ly to upgrade
>     Han-Wen> input files.
> I did that, but then I fixed abc2ly to not write the $.

> +                               outf.write("\n\t  { \\$words%sV%d }" % ( k, 
> i) )

This change also means that you can't use numbers in identfiernames,
so don't use %d


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