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Re: How do I apply Rune Zedeler's slash patch?

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: How do I apply Rune Zedeler's slash patch?
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 15:16:04 +0200

Amelie Zapf wrote:

> I have one question to you - when I try to patch lily with your slash patch,
> compile, do a and some manual cleaning, do a make install,
> ly2dvi and likewise lilypond exit with the following message:

I never understood how the font-building goes on - and exactly what is
needed to install new versions.
To get it working, I have to

$ cd /usr/
$ clean-fonts
$ cd ~/lilypond/lilypond/
$ clean-fonts
$ make
$ make install

I always have problems when installing fonts. Sometimes lily also don't
sees that some of the characters change their sizes - and hence the
noteheads get typeset wrong (correct glyph but wrong stem-position).
Yes, you certainly have to clean-fonts before you re-make lily.
You don't have to remake from scratch, though. Just follow the above
procedure (where, ofcourse you substitute ~/lilypond/lilypond/ with your
lilypond directory).
If you have already done a make then this should go quite fast as the
2nd make will do nothing but mf'ing the new fonts.


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