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lilypond 1.3.144

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: lilypond 1.3.144
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:52:12 +0200


* LilyPond-mode: show what's going on (font building) in *view*

* Added environment settings to ly2dvi and lilypond-book.

* Bugfix: make diff links diff into patch-dir, like make release.

* Bugfix: make diff/release for different configs.

* Bugfix: convert-ly: don't change item name ChordName to ChordNames.

* Added flag (LilyPond-kick-xdvi) to LilyPond emacs mode to allow
simultaneous view processes.

* Small doco fixes.

* Cosmetic bugfixes to chord names.

* Fixed order of piano pedal strings (Amelie).

* Changed embarrassing 'chorda' to corda (Thanks, Amelie).

* Bugfixes: ly2dvi: empty tagline, don't fail if can't be
imported, check for linewidth before indexing, copy midi output.


* Added "hacky" drum notation/midi. See input/tricks/ and
  ly/ Moved midi-instruments to scm.

* Added temporary nested staffgroups/choirstaffs support
  use Context InnerStaffGroup / InnerChoirStaff.


* Bugfix: hairpin that hangs on otherwise empty column should not
collapse into flat line. Inserted sanity check in Interval::center().

* Programmable stem-attachments for note heads.

* Set default empty instrument name for Staff, to avoid weird effects
named grand staffs.

* remove various entries from mutopia/


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