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Re: point and click interface

From: Laura Conrad
Subject: Re: point and click interface
Date: 27 Mar 2001 16:31:05 -0500
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>>>>> "Jan" == Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> writes:

    Jan> Did you set

    Jan>     export XEDITOR='emacsclient +%l %f'

    Jan> before starting emacs?

No.  I set it to what the documentation says, which is:

XEDITOR=emacsclient --no-wait +%c:%l %f

That turns out to be the problem.  Thanks.

Maybe the documentation is correct for someone who's using:

#(set! point-and-click line-column-location)

Speaking of which, the documentation says to say xdvi --version, and
that works on the real xdvi, but not on xdvik, which is what I had
earlier this afternoon.

Laura (mailto:address@hidden) : Putting live music back in the living room.

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