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Re: Beat repeats (sorry for nagging) - and Jazz Chords

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: Beat repeats (sorry for nagging) - and Jazz Chords
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 19:03:55 +0200

Amelie Zapf wrote:

> The slash notehead is just fine as a concept, but the slash needs to come out
> bigger. This tiny tick is invisible on a dark stage. Couldn't you use the 
> exact
> same character that types the "beat repeat", meaning one that goes from one
> line of the system crossing another to the third line and ends there?

Well, exact same character is impossible because the repeat item is
direct postscript and hence not a character at all.
I copied the settings from scm/grob-description.scm but found the
resulting half and wholenotes too thick. So I ended up with quarter
notes like the slash-repeats and the half and whole notes with 2/3
line-width of quarter notes.
I commented it, so it is very easy to change if you want to change

An example of how to use it follows.
The limitations are that improOn and improOff only allows for one
impro-thread pr. staff, but I guess that's all right. :)

improOn = \notes {\translator Voice = impro }
improOff = \notes {\translator SquashVoice = melo }

global = \notes { s1*3 \bar "|."; }

\score {
    \context ChordNames \chords {e8:m7*7 a2.:m7 bes4:m7 b1:m7 e8:m }
    \context Staff \notes <
      \context SquashVoice = impro { \global }
      \context Voice = melo \transpose c'' {
        e8 e g a a16()bes()a8 g \improOn e8
        ~e2~e8 f4 fis8
        ~fis2 \improOff a16()bes a8 g e
  \paper { 
    \translator {
      \name SquashVoice;
      \alias Voice;
      \consists Pitch_squash_engraver;
      \consists Local_key_engraver;
      squashedPosition = 6;
      NoteHead \override #'style = #'slash
      Accidentals \override #'transparent = ##t
    \translator {
      \alias SquashVoice;
      \consists Local_key_engraver;
    \translator {
      \accepts SquashVoice;
    \translator {
      \remove Local_key_engraver;
      \accepts SquashVoice;
    linewidth = -1;


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