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Re: Beat repeats (sorry for nagging) - and Jazz Chords

From: Amelie Zapf
Subject: Re: Beat repeats (sorry for nagging) - and Jazz Chords
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 10:44:45 +0200

Hi Rune, hi, all others,

The slash notehead is just fine as a concept, but the slash needs to come out
bigger. This tiny tick is invisible on a dark stage. Couldn't you use the exact
same character that types the "beat repeat", meaning one that goes from one
line of the system crossing another to the third line and ends there?

Rune Zedeler wrote
> I added the "slash" notehead-type for exactly that purpose. (1.3.138, I
> think)
> I think that setting noteheadtype slash together with setting
> squashpitches will give you something very close to what you want.
> I know that currently there are problems with the stem attachment angle
> on slash-noteheads, but that will probably be fixed soon.

> > And another thing about the chord names (jazz notation). There's a couple
> Yeah, and while we are at it:
> The maj7-triangle should not be typeset in upper case. And the maj9
> triangle is left out in my version (i.e. it typesets maj9 instead of
> triangle 9)

At the moment, I'm ironing out these inconsistencies.


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