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Re: Beat repeats (sorry for nagging) - and Jazz Chords

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: Beat repeats (sorry for nagging) - and Jazz Chords
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 10:15:42 +0200

Amelie Zapf wrote:

> In jazz music, the "beat repeat" tells the player to improvise on the given
> chords, leaving open the notes that he or she actually plays. Also, it is very
> common in places where there needs to be an accent that you find cross-headed
> notes interspersed with said beat repeats or slashes, and sometimes even tied
> to them.

I added the "slash" notehead-type for exactly that purpose. (1.3.138, I
I think that setting noteheadtype slash together with setting
squashpitches will give you something very close to what you want.
I know that currently there are problems with the stem attachment angle
on slash-noteheads, but that will probably be fixed soon.

> And another thing about the chord names (jazz notation). There's a couple

Yeah, and while we are at it:
The maj7-triangle should not be typeset in upper case. And the maj9
triangle is left out in my version (i.e. it typesets maj9 instead of
triangle 9)


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