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LilyPond -almost stable- 1.3.143

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: LilyPond -almost stable- 1.3.143
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 00:52:17 +0200

Hi there,

this is the second release this weekend, I'm in a happy mood (see

You might have heard the `S' word (you know, S for Stable, right?)
buzzing around on the mailing list, so you're probably interested in
the latest status update. As far as I'm concerned, 1.4 is almost done:
we need to touch up the manual hither and thether, some small bugfixes
should be done, but this is basically it.

In the coming weeks we'll do the last bugfixes, and then go over the
manual, regression test, glossary and miscellaneous documents once
more, in print, and verify that everything is in working order.  Once
we've verified that, we'll do a set of "release candidates", which I
hope you'll all test vigorously. Once we're certain that everything is
OK, we upload 1.0, write a nice announcement, and Do The Thing.

To satisfy the hordes of music-lovers from around the world that will
flock around our website, we must also supply precompiled binaries.
That means that need some volunteers to supply binaries. I hope that
binaries will be available for these platforms:

         * Windows 32 (Jan ?)

         * Debian (Anthony)

         * Mandrake Linux

         * Suse Linux

         * RedHat Linux 7.x (Han-Wen)

         * RedHat Linux 6.x

         * RedHat Linux 5.x ?

         * Caldera OpenLinux?

Finally, I hope that 1.4 will be much better and much more stable than
1.2.  I also hope that we'll go off with wild development (i.e. 1.5)
pretty soon after the release.  Nevertheless, I expect that after 1.4,
we take it easy for a month or so and focus on things like the ports
collection, the convertors, etc.


* Glossary bugfixes for lilypond code.

* Bugfix: don't crash if dy or y not set.

* Doco updates: moved contents of tricks chapter to input/tricks,
inserted lilypond-book tutorial, added polyphony section.

* Score.skipTypesetting skips over already or not yet corrected music,
speeding up running times and score debugging. (Includes bugfix
  relative to
patch submitted to list.)


* Mup2ly preprocesses and extracts all plain notes.

* Bugfix: patch in $(outdir)


Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden    |

\score {\notes
\relative c''
  \time 3/4;
  r4^"Andante" r b8() a
  g4 d' a16( b )c8
  b4 () g d'
  e8( d c b c a b c d )b a()g
  g4 ()fis8 r8


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