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From: Olivier Guéry
Subject: lilypond-book
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 20:38:12 +0200

        For the first time I tried lilypond-book with lily 1.3.42.
        The tune I inserted in the .tex file is realy simple.
        When the tune is in a .ly file, used with ly2dvi, the output is correct.
        But with lilypond-book beams and slurs are not on the output (.dvi .ps, 
th paper !)
        Is anybody have an idear, or it's a bug ?
        Here is a part of the source .tex :

        Ils ont tout fait petter et en plus ils passaient leur temps a chanter 
connerie, qui fesait quelquechose du style :


\include ""
\include ""
\score {
     \transpose c'{
        \relative c'
          \time 4/4;
          \key a \major ;
%          \tempo 4 = 180;
        e8 cs2  cs8( d )e cs'4 cs4 a2
        e8 cs2 cs8 d cs e4 e d2
        d8 b2 fs'8 gs fs a e2 e8
        d cs [b fs'] r8 a, [gs e'] r8 e
\paper {
        linewidth = 16.0 \cm;

{\it {\small Retranscription d'après les souvenirs accoustiques d'un rescapé 
de cette  épopée castorienne}}

                have a good day,

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