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Moving text elements and suggesting for improvement

From: Jakob Bagterp
Subject: Moving text elements and suggesting for improvement
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 12:40:32

In the LilyPond reference manual on page 60-61 there's an example on how to move a text element. I've tried to use it but I couldn't make it work. I want to move the text "Allegretto" a bit more up and to the left:

(define (make-text-checker text) (lambda (grob) (equal? text (ly-get-grob-property grob 'text))))

        \outputproperty #(make-text-checker "Allegretto")
                #'extra-offset = #'(-3.5 . 5.0)

        \stemdown \partial 4; [fis8^"Allegretto" g] |

It's a bit tricky using all of these commands. It would be nice with a more direct (and easy to use) command, something like this:

fis8^"\movetext (3 . -1.5) Allegretto"

Â…where the text line "Allegretto" connected to the note fis/f sharp is moved according to the coordinates.

        /Jakob Bagterp
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