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Lyrics and Cosmetics

From: Timothy S. Nelson
Subject: Lyrics and Cosmetics
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 19:54:53 +1100 (EST)

1.      I don't remember seeing anything about stanza numbering -- has it been
        done yet?  (NB: I'm currently using numeric lyrics with no associated
        note, and I have to use Cadenza to get rid of the bar lines)
2.      I'm wondering about aligning lyrics within a block.  As you can see
        from Align.png, it has left-aligned the numbering (which is fine,
        although it would be better right-aligned, for when you go from 9 to
        10).  But then I want to be able to align the first words in the
        stanza.  But not only that, I want the quotation marks and verse
        numbers (verse numbers are the little ones, stanza numbers are the big
        ones) to have a hanging indent (so in Align.png, 'M', 'T', 'F', and
        'H' are left-aligned, with the quotes and numbers hanging over).
        Anyway, I realise this is a special case, but I was wondering if there
        was a general case, where people could mark it "left align at this
        point in the syllable", and "right-align at this point in the
        syllable".  Then in the "The" syllable, I could have
        "$^2$``\leftalign The"
        instead of
3.      In NotesClose.png, I'm sure you can see how close the notes are to the
        bar line.
4.      In TiesTouch.png, you can see the ties touching.  From observing a
        similar case in my Psalm Book (which is easy to read; I don't know
        whether it's right :) ), they have the ties a bit further out, and the
        top one ends above the second note, while the bottom one ends below
        the first.
5.      With the snapping slurs to stem ends, I find that the main time I am
        doing it is when I have eg. a8.( b16 )a4, or something similar, and it
        goes from the stem of the a8. to the head of the a4.  Additionally I'm
        pretty sure that all of the other cases where I did this, the slur
        went in the opposite direction to the notes (ie. c4( )f4, with the
        slur from the stem of the c to the head of the f).  Note the example I
        just gave is untested, but I find it disconcerting when the slur goes
        down, but the note goes up.  Anyway, if an exception or something were
        made for my first example, that would cover 90% of the cases and I
        would be happy.

        Of course, I'm happy anyway -- lilypond produces great sheet music,
and I didn't have any software which would do this (well, Cakewalk, but that
doesn't count -- it's a MIDI program with rudimentary sheet output).

        I mostly mention these bugs so that 1.4 will look even better :).
Hopefully in the 1.5 cycle, you won't have to spend as much time telling
people (esp. newcomers) to use a development version, because 1.4 will be
great :).


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