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lily 1.3.141

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: lily 1.3.141
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 01:31:41 +0100


* po update.

* Renamed remaining mudela -> lilypond (except for old change logs).

* Dropped Solo-Cello-Suite II and gnossienne-4 from ./mutopia, as
they're now accessible throug the ports.

* Fixed compilation of lots of examples.

* Convert-ly: added and fixed some conversions.

* Doco updates.

* Ly2dvi: don't hang compilation process: run latex in batchmode.

* Some ly2dvi updates.

* Junked cruft from makefiles.

* Added message about make help at end of configure.

* Some documentation updates.

* Convert-ly: added some missing rules.

* Ly2dvi: changed footer (and header) macros to match mutopia headers

* Convert-ly: always insert or update version number.  New option:
--assume-old will apply all conversions if version cannot be

* Small documentation fixes.

* Removed default (font-shape . italic) settings from TextScript and

* Moved ports section of mutopia to mutopia/ports.  Fixed make
bootstrapping.  Added sync target, synced with

* Bugfix: ly2dvi sets footers, headers, tagline.  Pagenumbering on by


* input/trick/ : show how to draw boxes around grobs.

* added font-shape caps, input/test/caps.

* Added minimum-length for hairpin. Unified Tie::set_spacing_rods and
Slur::set_spacing_rods into Spanner::set_spacing_rods

* Small doco fixes.


* Bugfix: Some more examples in input/test/ work again.

* bugfix: cautionary accidentals


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