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Still compiling problems on SuSE 7.1

From: Amelie Zapf
Subject: Still compiling problems on SuSE 7.1
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 23:24:18 +0100

It seemed it was the problem with the lilypond makefile that Jörg Anders posted
recently that prevented Lilypond from compiling.

Yet after I copied every conceivable directory to /usr/local/share/lilypond, it
still does not work. When I try to process the example "", I get the
following error messages:

address@hidden:~/music/input > ly2dvi
*** Temp directory is `/var/tmp/@20253.1ly2dvi'

Invoking `lilypond   -I /home/amelie/music/input -H title -H subtitle -H subsubt
itle -H footer -H head -H composer -H arranger -H instrument -H opus -H piece -H
 metre -H meter -H poet -H language -H linewidth -H latexpackages -H latexheader
s -H orientation -H pagenumber -H textheight -H papersize /home/amelie/music/inp
ut/menuet '
GNU LilyPond 1.3.140
Now processing: `/home/amelie/music/input/'
/home/amelie/music/input/ Fehler: parse error, expecting `SCM_IDE
            \key g;
Fehler: Fehler: command exited with value 256
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/bin/ly2dvi", line 537, in ?
    dvi_name = do_files (files, extra)
  File "/usr/local/bin/ly2dvi", line 435, in do_files
    run_lilypond (fs)
  File "/usr/local/bin/ly2dvi", line 271, in run_lilypond
    system ('lilypond  %s %s ' % (opts, fs))
  File "/usr/local/bin/ly2dvi", line 251, in system
    error (msg)
  File "/usr/local/bin/ly2dvi", line 115, in error
    raise _ ("Exiting ... ")
Exiting ...

The "make htmldoc" worked, however.

Any ideas?

The following is Jörg Anders's posting                                

> First of all: I compiled 1.3.140 on SuSE 7.1. But I needed a whole
> day to comprehend the technique. And I got this message, too in a
> certain situation. But I can't remember the exact status.
> I perceived the messages can be due to totally different
> problems. For instance: If you forgot to install the kpathsea header package
> there is only a small warning during configure. The error occurs
> 10 minutes later and is of "can't find ...", or "checksum error"
> (or so).
> I recommend to de-install all TeX packages. An then re-install
> tetex, te_mpost, te_kpath (likewise te_latex).
> On SuSE-7.1 I perceived they forget a "texconfig -->rebuild ls-R database"
> in some (?) situations. I recommend to do this " by hand " after 
> re-installation.
> As a last hint: There is (was?) a problem in LilyPond-Makefile which
> causes:
> make[1]: Entering directory `/fs4/home/ja/LILY/lilypond-1.3.140/mutopia'
> ../mutopia/mutopia.make:23: *** can't find LilyPond's stepmake installation.  
> Stop.
> Ignore this and copy 
>       ps 
>       scm
> and possibly other directories "by hand" to the destination directory.
> --
> J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (address@hidden)
> _______________________________________________
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