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Re: Notes overlap and SCshape

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Notes overlap and SCshape
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 11:48:52 +0100

>       I'm using 1.3.135; I tried 1.3.140, but it crashed when I was
> compiling.

See the patch in

>       I've attached a GIF file of an overlap which is bad.  The Bass note is
> an 'a4', and the tenor an 'a4.'.  The '.' is getting put on the other note.

The question is what the collision handler should do in this
situation. There are several options:
- Shift the dotted note even further to the left
- Switch the two notes, so the dotted note is shifted to the
  right instead.

What is the proper solution when both colliding notes are dotted,
should the dots be placed after the two notes?

>       A question about Small Caps shape.  I've done as someone said, and
> added
> -------------------------------------
>     ((3 medium caps roman cmcsc 12) . "cmcsc12")
>     ((2 medium caps roman cmcsc 12) . "cmcsc12")
>     ((1 medium caps roman cmcsc 12) . "cmcsc12")
>     ((0 medium caps roman cmcsc 10) . "cmcsc10")
>     ((-1 medium caps roman cmcsc 8) . "cmcsc8")
>     ((-2 medium caps roman cmcsc 7) . "cmcsc7")
>     ((-3 medium caps roman cmcsc 7) . "cmcsc7")
> -------------------------------------
>       to scm/font.scm.  Then to the start of my ly file, I added:
> ----------------------------------------
> shapeSC   = \property Lyrics.LyricText \override #'font-shape = #'caps
> shapeNorm = \property Lyrics.LyricText \revert   #'font-shape
> ----------------------------------------
>       which was my attempt at following instructions I was given.  Then, in
> a \lyrics thing, I use:
> ----------------------
>  the4 \shapeSC Lord;2
> ----------------------
>       I don't get an SC shape.  Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

Is it that the LyricText object already is created when you 
set the property? In that case you have to do something like

shapeSC   = {
  \context Lyrics 
  \outputproperty #(make-type-checker 'font-interface) #'font-shape = #'caps

shapeNorm   = {
  \context Lyrics 
  \outputproperty #(make-type-checker 'font-interface) #'font-shape = #'upright

in order to access the properties of the already created LyricText grob.


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