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Makefiles in input directory

From: Laura Conrad
Subject: Makefiles in input directory
Date: 20 Mar 2001 13:24:47 -0500
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When I try to use the makefile to build the .dvi files in the input
directory, I get:

serpent:(13:18:26):make out/twinkle.dvi
/usr/bin/python .././scripts/ --outdir=./out --dependencies 
Traceback (innermost last):
  File ".././scripts/", line 29, in ?
    import gettext
ImportError: No module named gettext
make: *** [out/twinkle.dvi] Error 1

Is this something wrong with what I'm doing, something wrong with my
python setup, or something wrong with the makefile?  I can run:

        ly2dvi --outdir out

with no problems.

Laura (mailto:address@hidden) : Putting live music back in the living room.

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