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Re: Please: Tab String Gimp

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: Please: Tab String Gimp
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 00:25:03 -0500

> Generalizing this request, we should have general support for
> drawing circles or square boxes around text scripts and rehearsal
> marks.
Great. The string ring is *very* common though, so easy syntax is
sensible. ^(B) B string. Boxes are usually quite a bit larger for
rehearsal letters, since one looks for them on the page.

There is an excellent book on music copying, perhaps the only book on
that lost art, titled "Music Copying" which has a lot of very practical
suggestions. I don't remember the author's name. Shame on me. One is to
put a box like this, straight top and bottom, curved sides
around your segno and coda signs, which tend to be hard to find on the
printed page. Sometimes you see it in printed music. Doing it yourself
in red is probably better, but not much good for sight reading. :-)

And you haven't indicated strings before? I am very surprised, since you
did "a due" for violin. I'm glad I mentioned it then. Where are the
violin players?
I'd like a left bracket too. [14 = bar the 14th fret. [A14 = bar it to
the A string. Quotes'll do that?
> > request 3:
> > Can you have lily produce gimp format for dragging?
> As far as I understand, Gimp does handle postscript input.
Gimp format would allow every symbol its own layer, for dragging, just
as the objects you create in the gimp can be dragged about. Can I drag
stems and noteheads and dots and staves about now in the gimp? If so, I
would like very much to know how. Really.
> > --------------
> > Tiny bug: I noticed that I had to put an "m" fingering indication in
> > quotes in stable.
> > Apologies if it's fixed already.
> In general, you have to put all textual annotations (so called
> text scripts) within quotes. As a special case, though, you could
> say c^3 and Lilypond will recognize that the number is not a
> general text script but a fingering and will use a special
> font. Since this font only contains numbers, you could not get
> an "m" with exactly the matching font. Also, I guess that allowing
> text scripts without quotes would cause trouble in the parser.
It did the t, i, a, p, and q's very well without quotes for RH
fingering, so it is at least an inconsistency, but not much of one. It
deserves mention, though. I also want to use T, U, I, N, M, W, A, V, and
Q for fingering, for flamenco.

Thank you so much. You are a Saint.

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