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Re: Please: Tab String Gimp

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Please: Tab String Gimp
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 16:33:16 +0100

> Request 2: Implement or document string indications in the manual. I
> think that you have done this, but I was unable to figure out where you
> put it in the online manual on the website. It should be under
> "fingering indications"
> or among the rest of the things that you attach to notes.
> Since a string is always indicated with a circle around it:
> c4_1^(gis)
> could or does indicate that the C played with the 1st finger is on the
> g-sharp
> string, which would make "gis" appear above the note in a circle.
> Numbers are
> usually used by guitar players, but most strings use the name of the
> note as a string indication. You want to provide the ability to use the
> note name as (gis) or (GIS) (G#) or (sol#) or whatever in addition to
> (number), and to provide flexibility, meaning that you ought not to
> assume that everyone using do re mi for notes would not want (C) (D) (E)
> for strings, because that would be a wrong assumption. Villa Lobos, a
> Brazilian publishing in Paris, had it done that way for a reason which
> is obvious. *Legibility*.

Generalizing this request, we should have general support for
drawing circles or square boxes around text scripts and rehearsal

> request 3:
> Can you have lily produce gimp format for dragging?

As far as I understand, Gimp does handle postscript input.

> --------------
> Tiny bug: I noticed that I had to put an "m" fingering indication in
> quotes in stable.
> Apologies if it's fixed already.

In general, you have to put all textual annotations (so called
text scripts) within quotes. As a special case, though, you could
say c^3 and Lilypond will recognize that the number is not a 
general text script but a fingering and will use a special
font. Since this font only contains numbers, you could not get
an "m" with exactly the matching font. Also, I guess that allowing
text scripts without quotes would cause trouble in the parser.


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