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List your software with new feature-based search engine

From: BigSofte Vendor Services
Subject: List your software with new feature-based search engine
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 16:40:29 -0500

Dear Software Manufacturer:

We can help you make it much easier to promote your software on the Internet. 

Your company is invited to list its software products at no charge on BigSoftE, 
the first Internet Software Search Engine. Launching this month, Bigsofte 
provides detailed product information to those searching on the 
site as well as on the most popular Internet IT and Search portals.  More than 
6000 software companies have responded to BigSoftE including industry leaders 
such as Computer Associates, Hitachi, Informix, and Intuit. 

Please take just a few moments to learn more about BigSoftE and this 
time-sensitive offer. Read our FAQs, take a tour of the step-by-step listing 
process, and sign up to list your products today at 

Hurry! BigSoftE will launch in just a few weeks. Respond by MARCH 31st to 
ensure extra exposure for your company and products during our launch 
promotions. Sign up now, or take a tour of BigSoftE by visiting

Thank You,
BigSoftE Vendor Services
P. 877-947-6383 x 250

Note: The URL in this message was created specifically for the recipient. It is 
designed for their exclusive use. If you would like to request an invitation 
for a colleague, or you are having trouble with the URL, please go to

In addition to information on software titles, BigSoftE provides links to 
resellers and service providers for each manufacturer's products. If your 
company is a reseller or service provider for software products manufactured by 
others, then please refer* your business partners who make software and request 
that they include your contact information as part of their listing. *To refer 
a manufacturer, reply to this message with REFERRAL in the subject line.

**INTERNATIONAL software companies**
Support for International companies is currently under development.  If you are 
a software manufacturer located outside the United States, please use your U.S. 
office address if available, or use a placeholder address and supply us with 
your correct international address in the comments field at the end of the 
listing process. We will manually update your company information to reflect 
your correct address before launch of Thank you for your 

We apologize if we have contacted you in error. To be removed from our mailing 
list, please REPLY to this message with the word “REMOVE” in the subject line. 

reply via email to

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