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From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: INSTALL.txt
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 14:40:38 +0100

I think that the install-text is unclear in a couple of ways.
It seems like I missunderstood the --enable-config option.
All the INSTALL.txt says is

     Output to a different configuration file.  Needed for
     multi-platform     builds
Configuring for multiple platforms

   If you want to compile LilyPond with different configuration
settings, then, you can use the `--enable-config' option.  Example:
suppose I want to build with and   without profiling.  Then I'd use the
following for the normal build,

           ./configure --prefix=~ --disable-optimise --enable-checking
           make install

   and for the profiling version, I specify a different configuration.

           ./configure --prefix=~ --enable-profiling
--enable-config=prof --enable-optimise --disable-checking
           make config=prof
           make config=prof install

It doesn't mention that it is possible to have several versions
simultainously maked.
When I first read the example I assumed that the second make would
destroy the first one. It isn't said that it will not be so - and in the
example it would be no problem that the first make was destroyed since
you HAD done a make install at that time.
Nor is it mentioned where the two installs are made. Where ARE they
made, by the way? Why doesn't the second destroy the first?

It also says:

        make all

   everything will be compiled, but nothing will be installed.  The
resulting binaries can be found in the subdirectories `out/' (which
contain all files generated during compilation).

This is not true. - You have to make clean first.
Make clean is not even mentioned.

And I still don't understand what the difference is between "make" and
"make all"


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