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Re: ties in chords

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: ties in chords
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 23:42:10 +0100

Joerg Anders wrote:

> I always get a warning:
>         "bounds of spanner are invalid (Continuing; cross thumbs)"
> and only one tie.  But there is no cross! The e and the g sould be
> tied together. This gives two parallel ties.

"Crossing thumbs" doesn't mean that there's any slurs crossing each
other, it just means that the compiler feals unsure on what's going on
and therefore crosses its fingers before continuing. :)

It is a problem to only tie some of the notes in at chord.
The only thing you can do (I think) is to create two half chords - one
in each voice:

    <{<c g c'> ~ <c g c'>} \context Voice=another {e e}>

Ties the c g c but not the e. This is very dirty, though, actually two
sets of overlapping stems are created - one for each voice.
I tried to move Tie_engraver to thread-context  - but that didn't work.
If you really don't want overlapping stems you could create a new voice
context without stems and use that for the "another" part.

Nor can you tie notes with different pitch, so i.e. <c e g c'>~<c f a
c'> will only create ties between the c's.
The motivation for disallowing this is something about that it "cannot
be performed"... Just happy that the authors haven't disallowing
fingerings greather than five (since we have only five fingers so that
could not be performed), making a hard time for us who use fingerings
for guitar-tabbing. (Yeah, I'm having a bad stomach today)


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