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Re: cyclic link

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: cyclic link
Date: 11 Mar 2001 23:50:40 +0100
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Rune Zedeler <address@hidden> writes:

B> Is there a really good reason why there is a cyclic link from
> stepmake/stepmake to .././stepmake

This is a bit hairy issue.

Stepmake (ie, the ./stepmake dir) was (and still is) designed to be a
separate package, as a handy make system drop-in, that could be
configured, installed and distributed by doing:

    cd lilypond-x.y.z/stepmake
    make install
    make dist

We got bored of hacking makefiles all the time and it never really
took off.  However, any stepmake package expects to have the stepmake
directory, with all the .make files in


That works when stepmake is a drop-in, as it is for Lily, but when
built and configured by itself, the symlink is needed.

> diff doesn't like it, copy doesn't like it, I don't like it...

Don't do diffs manually, see

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