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Silly bug report.

From: Tim Nowaczyk
Subject: Silly bug report.
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 16:25:00 -0600
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  If I have a file titled and issue `ly2dvi foo.` a silly bug is 
revealed.  ly2dvi will call lilypond with the filename 'foo.' and lilypond is 
smart enough to add the extention to it and compile the correct file ''.  
When it returns, however, ly2dvi simply adds a '.dvi' extention to it for the 
dvi output.  So the output of `ly2dvi foo.` is 'foo..dvi' (yes, two dots).  I 
don't know any python.  Am I right in guessing the bug has to do with the 
function 'strip_ly_suffix' on line 495 and/or line 525 (dest = dest + '.dvi')?

  Tim Nowaczyk

P.S. I hope to start hacking at lily once I graduate :)

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