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Re: Error in building lily 1.3.135

From: José Romildo Malaquias
Subject: Re: Error in building lily 1.3.135
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 05:44:26 -0300
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On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 12:02:49AM -0700, Anthony Fok wrote:
> Here is the patch regarding TFMFONTS...  Please let me know if there's
> anything wrong with it, etc. etc.  Thanks.  :-)

It is similar to the one I have produced yesterday by
following your instructions. Thank you for the hints.
They have worked for me.

Prof. José Romildo Malaquias <address@hidden>
Departamento de Computação
Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto

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