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Re: two questions

From: Joshua Haberman
Subject: Re: two questions
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 19:51:28 -0800
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* Mats Bengtsson (address@hidden) wrote:
> > > Secondly, a bug seems to have been introduced the last couple versions
> > > of lily where any clef or time signature changes that happen at the end
> > > of a line are placed past the end of the line--for example, if changing
> > > to bass clef, the bass clef at the end of the line is placed past the
> > > end of the staff.
> > 
> > Can anyone provide confirmation of whether this is indeed a bug or
> > whether it's a mistake on my end please?
> I tried your example with 1.3.134 and the line ends with (in order)
> bass clef, bar line, new time signature, end of the staff line.
> which looks reasonable to me.

It surely does, if only that's what I were getting! :-) I guess I'll
wait a few versions and see if it clears up? I've posted the dvi that I
get from that example input at

I'm not aware of any changes that I've made to my lily installation.


Joshua Haberman <address@hidden>,  University of Puget Sound
"Delaying decisions" is too often a euphemism for "avoiding thinking."
                                            -Bjarne Stroustrup

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