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Re: Gt-tabs and drum-notation

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: Gt-tabs and drum-notation
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2001 15:27:48 +0100

Den 04-Mar-01 skrev David Raleigh Arnold:

DRA> I just want to put numbers on lines. That's it. Sometimes I have seen

Okay, it seems like we are looking for different things.
Actually, I would not be able to implement your idea - that would take some
C++-hacking, and I cannot do that.
If somebody else did implement it, I would still prefer having it all in one
place (more typo-safe. - Errors would not result in wrong pitch, only in
wrong performance), and I would probably still make my
If somebody else sometime in the future makes a more "clean" lilypond
implementation of tabs I will ofcourse change my tabs to use the new clean
tabs... But with the same (old) syntax.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am not a good enough gt-player to find any
use of your idea (my scores would be flooded with errors), and I would not
know how to implement it.

Actually I whink that it is possible for you to write numbers directly on the
staff already, at least it will not take one of the gurus many seconds to
allow it.

DRA> But you say you want to avoid duplication?

No, i didn't say that. Ofcourse I would prefer to avoid dublication - but this
is not possible with Lily as it looks today.
What I said was that I wouldn't type the same piece of music twice; and
copy-pastning is NOT typing the same thing twice - with different syntax.

DRA> but they are *printed with* the notes on the staff. Also, you don't
DRA> attach fingering to every note. If to do so were required by law, I'll
DRA> bet there would be a separate finger-part real quick. Otherwise, if you
DRA> had a fingering-part you would
DRA> need a lot of placeholders. But a tab part is self-sufficient.

when playing normal, simple music on guitar / bass, attaching
string-information to every note will not be required, either.
Normally it will be sufficiant to use

note_0 note note note note note note
to get lowest possible fret,

note_1 note note note note note note
to get lowest possible fret but no loose strings.

I think that my implementation will be best suited for simple/easy music
without lots of bending, etc. Your idea will be best suited for more
sophistcated music where you have to concider the performance of every note.


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