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Re: visibility of clefs

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: visibility of clefs
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2001 17:57:10 +0100

> Making my incipits in lily is still being difficult.  I have solved
> the problem of having one treble clef at full size after some
> different clef.  Now I want to have one at full size after a small treble
> clef.
> That is, the layout of my incipit is:
> Original clef
> Original key signature
> Original time signature
> Original first note
> double bar
> modern clef (small)
> modern key signature
> Range chord
> barline
> Modern clef (normal size)
> Modern key signature
> Modern time signature
> notes.
> Lily is refusing to print a second treble clef at any size, following
> a treble clef.  How do I tell it to do that?

Add \property Staff.forceClef = ##t just before the clef you 
want typeset. In contrast to most other properties, this 
property is only active for the first clef following the
setting, not for the full staff.


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