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visibility of clefs

From: Laura Conrad
Subject: visibility of clefs
Date: 04 Mar 2001 09:46:42 -0500
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Making my incipits in lily is still being difficult.  I have solved
the problem of having one treble clef at full size after some
different clef.  Now I want to have one at full size after a small treble

That is, the layout of my incipit is:

Original clef
Original key signature
Original time signature
Original first note
double bar
modern clef (small)
modern key signature
Range chord
Modern clef (normal size)
Modern key signature
Modern time signature

Lily is refusing to print a second treble clef at any size, following
a treble clef.  How do I tell it to do that?

I notice that in input/clefs/, the input:

        \clef "hufnagel_do_fa";
        a b c'
        b a g f
        \clef "hufnagel_do_fa";
        e d c1 \bar "||";

doesn't show the second hufnagel_do_fa clef, either.

Laura (mailto:address@hidden , )
(617) 661-8097  fax: (801) 365-6574 
233 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

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