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two questions

From: Joshua Haberman
Subject: two questions
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 14:37:56 -0800
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I asked a few weeks ago how I could get lily to do stem and rest
collision (because right now I am getting a screenfull of "warning too
many clashing notecolumns. Ignoring them." messages). I was told to look
at input/test/, but that file no longer seems to exist. I
figured that perhaps it had been replaced by, but that won't


ly2dvi (GNU LilyPond) 1.3.132
executing: kpsewhich tex titledefs.tex 
executing: lilypond 2>&1
GNU LilyPond 1.3.132.
Now processing: `'
Parsing... error: parse error, expecting `'='':
shiftI \property
                 Voice.NoteColumn \override #'horizontal-shift = #0 error: parse error:
                \context Voice =VA  {\stemUp \shiftI
                                                     g'' } error: parse error:
                \context Voice =VB  {\stemUp \shiftII
                                                      e } error: parse error:
                \context Voice =VC  {\stemUp \shiftIII
                                                       c } error: parse error:
                \context Voice =VD  {\stemUp \shiftIV
                                                      a } error: parse error:
                \context Voice =VE  {\stemUp \shiftV
                                                     f } warning: Braces don't match:
shiftV \property Voice.NoteColumn
                                  \override #'horizontal-shift = #4
ly2dvi: LilyPond failed: lilypond 2>&1


In any case, how can I go about rest/stem collision resolution? How do I
use the \shift* commands?

Secondly, a bug seems to have been introduced the last couple versions
of lily where any clef or time signature changes that happen at the end
of a line are placed past the end of the line--for example, if changing
to bass clef, the bass clef at the end of the line is placed past the
end of the staff. Sample ly file to demonstrate the error:


\include ""

\score {
        \context Staff <
                \context Voice \notes \relative c'  { 
                        \key e \minor;
                        \time 4/4;
                        \property Staff.timeSignature \override #'style = #'C
                        \property Voice.Tie \override #'direction = #1;
                        r8 e16 e' ds fs, gs d' cs a c fs, g b e, c' |
                        fs, a ds, b' e, g b, gs' a c, cs as' b d, ds b' |
                        \clef bass;
                        \time 8/8;
                        e, c' cs e, fs d' ds fs, g8. fs16 g fs g fs |
                        g fs g fs g fs g fs g fs g fs g fs g fs |
                        g1 |
                        R1 |
                        \clef bass;


Admittedly, I'm lagging a few versions behind (I'm running 1.3.132), and
I didn't even build myself, I'm using the debian package, so if these
problems are related to that then I apologize.


Joshua Haberman <address@hidden>,  University of Puget Sound
"Delaying decisions" is too often a euphemism for "avoiding thinking."
                                            -Bjarne Stroustrup

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