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From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Sugar
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 19:53:16 +0100

Just a couple of ideas for a bit of syntactic sugar:

After having entered a funky piece with lots of big, tied chords, I started
wondering... If a tie cannot connect notes with different pitch, then why do
you have to repeat the pitch when entering?

r4. <a8 cis' e' fis' b'>~4~16 <a8 cis' e'> <h16 d' fis' a'>~4

is much nicer that

r4. <a8 cis' e' fis' b'>~<a4 cis' e' fis' b'>~<a16 cis' e' fis' b'> <a8 cis'
e'> <h16 d' fis' a'>~<h4 d' fis' a'>


I sat with my nose in Lily as one of my fellow musicians asked me if he could
get a draft printout of what I had made so far? "Sure!", I answered.
ARGH! the screen is suddenly flooded with Bar Check Warnings...
How about adding a "panic"-option filling the measure with spaces (or even
better: lightning-symbols) every-time a Bar Check Mismatch is encountered?
So that you could get some sort of sensible output even from a faulty source.


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