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Re: Gt-tabs and drum-notation

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: Gt-tabs and drum-notation
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 17:00:55 +0100

David Raleigh Arnold wrote:

> That's what I have in mind. Don't want to enter the same piece of music
> twice.(i.e. what note should be transferred to
> fret-0)
> -----------yhs
> (G_8 clef, no transposition)
> Convert chord (g, b, d ) to guitar tab:

> Very simple, isn't it? Choose the best of 13 possibilities,
> and this has only 3 notes and no doubling. And I left
> out one possibility, and maybe I missed some more.

Did you read my previous message?
As I wrote I will allow both enering of stringnumber or fretnumber.

Gt-Examples: (Sorry if I've got octaves wrong - don't have a
piano/guitar at hand)

g-2 MEANS play g-string loose.
g'-2 MEANS play 12th fret on g-string.
g-2 a b c' d' e' fis' g' MEANS play g-major scale on g-string
b^4 MEANS play 4th fret on g-string.
a^4 MEANS play 2nd fret on g-string.
g^4 a b c' d' e' fis' g' MEANS play g a b on g-string, c' d' on
b-string, e' fis' g' on high e-string
b_4 MEANS play 4th fret on g-string.
c_4 MEANS play 5th fret on g-string.

If something looks strange it is probably a typo of mine (I've had a bit
to drink).
Please ask.
By the way, the idea of using fingering is perhaps a bit odd, I'll think
about alternatives.

And then: As I told you: I didn't tell you that I started on this to
make you happy. Just told you so  that you would tell me if you started
on working on the same thing.
Don't expect anything within this month. - Drum notation has higher


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