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Re: Gt-tabs and drum-notation

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: Gt-tabs and drum-notation
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 09:37:30 -0500

====David Roundy
> As long as you input the string tuning, lily should be able to
> calculate the fret easily, except perhaps on some instruments like
> mountain dulcimers in which the frets aren't spaced a half-step apart.
Excellent! For those who would prefer fret numbers, I'm
sure the parser can tell the difference between a note and a fret
number, so why not do both? Even within the same measure?
Of course I'm not doing the work... :-)

If you want to type in the numbers

tablines = ebq

If you want to type in notes, or both:

tablines = ebq (e) (b,) (b,)

For dulcimer or other exotic fretting, since frets are necessarily
consecutive numbers, starting with 0, the open string:

tablines = eqb (e fis gis a b cis' etc.)(e fis gis a b etc.)(b, cis

or this:

tabline e = e fis gis a b cis' etc.
tabline q = e fis gis a b cis' etc.

Or just type in the numbers.

Those are the tunings of the appalachian dulcimer and the balalaika I
believe, but I forget which is which. I think I reversed them. :-) (All
stringed fretted instruments, mainly long neck lutes, are tuned with a
unison and a fourth when the scale is not tempered. They could be tuned
with a unison and a fifth, but they aren't.)

While I'm in the mea culpa mode, I tried a while ago to give a general
outline to show how tab might be automatically generated from notes
data. *There is no way.* The problem is that tab contains *some* 
fingering information, and left hand fingering is an art, not a
science. Programs don't do art, not really. Please forget automatic
tab generation at your earliest possible
convenience. Typed in separately, it will be great. :-)

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