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Re: Towards a better license for Mutopia

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: Towards a better license for Mutopia
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 10:24:27 -0500

==============Bernd Warken:
As to Mr. Sankey, I think that if you use a GNU copyleft chances are
the FSF will help you against attacks.  Some of the best patent lawyers
favor GNU and do not take money for interesting trials. So a copyleft
might improve your protection beyond the legal aspects.
It is very important that a patent matter is a civil case in the US,
while a copyright violation is tried in a criminal court. You don't
*want* an attourney for a copyright matter unless you are the defendant.
Just because an
attourney represents to you that he can assist you is not enough reason
to retain him.

OTOH, it is unlikely that being in the right will get you anywhere with
a patent case. The system is broken.

I know Judge Jackson, who proposes to dismantle M$. He is as good as
they come. But any judge who lacks the basic wisdom to understand that a
death sentence is wrong is not ok. They think it will never come back to
them. They have themselves mixed up with God, a pitfall for followers of
someone else's religion. ;-)

I don't think that there are problems of judicial corruption in
copyright cases. The US courts have been *good*.
It's the lawmakers that s--- " " ".

I never felt more as if I were living in the worst days of Imperial Rome
a few days ago, when the media was making a disgusting display over the
"heroic" death of a popular charioteer (NASCAR). And bear in mind that
Bush didn't steal the election, it was stolen
*for* him. He is no Napoleon, fortunately. Lyndon Johnson OTOH seized
power by murdering his predecessor, so Bush wasn't the first, either.

The USA will be at war, probably in Colombia, within the year. We are
already, but I mean a serious escalation. A big war is the only way that
Bush can get any money from rich people to delay economic meltdown.

Cheer up! The ride is easiest on the way down. :-)

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