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From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: bib2html
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 19:03:54 -0500

*** Perhaps INSTALL.txt might say something other than ``EGCS 1.1 or
newer''. It was not impossible to find the following in the FAQ:

1.7 What is/was EGCS?     //was :-)

 EGCS stands for Experimental/Enhanced GNU Compiler System. It was a
decendant of GCC which used a more open development process. This meant
that it included more optimizations and language features than the
standard GCC.

 This experiment was very successful, and version 2.95 of GCC adopted
the EGCS code. Since then GCC has been developed using the same methods
as were used for EGCS. 

 For more information and the official announcement (now historical) see
this page and the GCC homepage.

*** bib2html was no longer at but a prog with the same
name is at You also
get the most obnoxious advertising that I have ever seen in linux.

Is it time to fork it? It is GPL. :-)


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