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From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: libstdc++
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 21:53:47 -0500

It would appear that there is no way of running or compiling any version
of lilypond on mdk7.2 without major surgery on a hundred or so other
applications. If the parsers are compatible, the C++ lib is not, and
vice versa.

It is well beyond my abilities to get all that stuff to work together.
Whine whine :-(

Red Hat is in the mail, and then I'll be able to install something. But
RH7.0 is a mess, by all accounts. Should I install the updates right
away, or will that break 119?

I have a suggestion. Why not fork all the parsers you use, so that all
you have to worry about is C++ and its libraries? Make the appropriate
version of lilybison, lilyflex, etc... in lily-parsers.tar.bz2 or
lily-utils.rpm. The inconvenience of having almost duplicate functions
will be dwarfed by the advantage of being free of the consequences of
redhat marketing decisions, and your ability to use the software that
you really want, and the ability of anyone with the right (or wrong
:-)) C++ version to compile or run lilypond, and the ability to be
independent of other's decisions about paths, libpaths, directory
structure etc etc etc., and the ability to make more optimization more
practical than now.

What is the advantage of being lean if you need a ton of other
people's stuff to make it work anyway? This way you could strip out
functions you don't need, too, and you don't need to concern yourself
with every change in every program you use, not to mention total
disappearances. I'm sure that you have considered all of this very well
in the past, but once in a while you have to rethink this sort of thing,
especially if you have no stable version that works on a new computer,
except maybe in W$.

   My Kids Never Saw Me Without a Moustache

        I had it forty years,
        It was white and not gray,
        There weren't any tears,
        It was *gone* the next day. 


There is also the unfortunate consequence of punishing mdk and
especially suse for doing the right thing, and rewarding rh for doing
the wrong thing.

Again I thank you *a lot* for your efforts. I hope that you have no
philosophical reason to make things hard for yourselves, and if I am
totally wrong ignore and forgive me, because I do mean well, even by the
bad poetry, and I wish everyone a super new millenium!


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