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c1. in 6/8

From: Jeff Henrikson
Subject: c1. in 6/8
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 16:29:43 -0500

Here's a .ps file of that exact mudela you sent me.  Lily 1.3.46  (Attached in 
offlist email)

Is that thing with the whole note followed by two barlines and no space in 
between an intentional notation (analagous to maybe a
multibar condensed rest) or is an error message (analagous to a barcheck 
failure marker- wait a sec is it lily or MusixTex that
marks barcheck failures?  I think it's actually MusixTex that does this).  If 
this is some sort of notation, I've never seen it in
practice in classical or jazz music.  I'm quite sure that if I handed a part 
like that to players most all of them would be

What I wanted out of writing c1. in 6/8 was just a shorthand for writing c2. ~ 
c2.  That seems like the "right thing" to me.

BTW- if this is intentional then this is a very similar bug to the multimeasure 
rest thing I complained about.  In the case of the
multimeasure rests, it seems painfully obvious that more that one consecutive 
measure rest should be automatically condensed into a
bar rest by default.  But not only is that behaviour not default, it doesn't 
exist.  Lily only knows how to take an R1*3 and turn
it into R1 R1 R1, without knowing how to turn R1 R1 R1 into R1*3.  This seemed 
so common sense that I misread the documentation.
If you want to keep wierd defaults, at least make very deliberate note about it 
the documentation.

Apologies in advance for any part of this message which is obsoleted by newer 
releases to which I have not yet been willing to

Jeff Henrikson

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