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Re: Smart transpose

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: Smart transpose
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 05:34:41 -0500

================== Laurent Martelli
> By the way, it disturbs me that notes are numbered from 0 to 6, since
> I'm used to degrees ranging from 1 to 7. What do other people think
> about this ?
1-7 would seem to be more intuitive, but maybe not to a programmer. I
like 0-6 for days of the week, though. Isn't it wise to have note 0 mean
something in case you want to do some sort of arithmetic with the notes?

I hope that this doesn't mean that I can't do dumb transpose. With dumb
transpose all the keys are treated the same. In order to have any
symmetry, it is absolutely necessary that there be a means of raising or
lowering any note of any key. Hence double sharps and flats. The more
you play in sharp keys, the more affection you gain for double sharps.

But it is sensible in writing serial music to do without a key
signature, or write it all in C, so to speak. If you want to transpose
it up or down, it would stay in C, and therefore there would be no merit
in using different accidentals. I hope that is what you are doing it
for. Otherwise you will confuse a lot of people. :-}


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