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Re: Vector touchup

From: Christian Mondrup
Subject: Re: Vector touchup
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 09:17:20 +0100

Jeff Henrikson wrote:
> > Forgive me, but I don't know enough about the gimp to know whether this
> > would be practical or not.
> >
> > If most notes and symbols were layered on fields small enough to hold
> > in memory but large enough to grab, fine adjustments could be made in
> > the gimp by dragging. I'm sure that we all would rather that everything
> > worked without problems, but this would be a way to improve useability
> > *now*.
> The gimp?  I wouldn't recommend it, as the gimp is a bitmap editor as opposed 
> to a vector drawing program.  Unfortunately there has
> never been a good free vector editor.  Xfig just doesn't cut it compared to 
> CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator in the way that GIMP
> compares to Adobe Photoshop.  Recently there has been of course the adoption 
> of the SVG scalable vector format based on XML by W3C,
> and more recently an attempt by GNOME to do an SVG editor ("Gill") and the 
> further along KIllustrator for KDE.  A good summary from
> the perspective of the authors of Gill:
> KIllustrator might be a good way to go.  Um, is Lily still using bitmap 
> fonts, or is it using all metapost outlines?  Are lingering
> bitmaps the reason for fonts in discrete increments (paper20, paper16 etc)?  
> That could actually make a big difference in terms of
> feasibilty.  If slurs are already pixelated in the output, you are screwed 
> from the start.
> Keep in mind this is still really going to suck if you take time to tweak all 
> your rests and then you find out there is something
> wrong with the actual music, in which case you will have to futz coordinates 
> all over again.

Have a look at the utility XCircuit referenced to from the
web site Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
XCircuit is a vector based drawing utility for technical drawing with
some additional music libraries. There are samples of music typesetting
from the xcircuit web page.

Christian Mondrup, Computer Programmer
Scandiatransplant, Skejby Hospital, University Hospital of Aarhus
Brendstrupgaardsvej, DK 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark
Phone: +45 89 49 53 01

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