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Small bugs in the documentation

From: nel
Subject: Small bugs in the documentation
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 04:14:36 -0200
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Just to point out two small bugs in lilypond's docs. The first
is that the html backend docs cannot be built (at least not on
my box, debian stable); the reason is that "lilypond-internals.html"
is expected to be put in Documentation/user/out/lilypond-internals,
but this directory doesn't exist. Besides that, at some point it
should appear in Documentation/user/out-www/lilypond-internals, but
this directory doesn't exist also.

The second problem is that the node "lexical conventions" doesn't
show the names of the things it is describing. For example, the
paragraph that describes integers reads: "Formed from an optional
minus sign followed by digits..." it doesn't say *what* is formed
that way; it's possible to guess thanks to context.

Just a quick note: the placement of dynamics in 1.3.116 looks
very good now, thanks for the excellent work!

See you,

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